We believe your succession is as much about your legacy as it is about a transaction.

Jodabit Partners

Jodabit Partners is an entrepreneurial private investment firm founded to identify, acquire and operate a business based in Canada or the U.S. We offer business owners a unique alternative to traditional exit options that ensures the continued prosperity of their business.

We are a team of seasoned operators and investors focused on driving sustainable, long-term growth. We believe your succession is as much about your legacy as it is about the transaction. We will step into the business, learn it, and take over operating it day-to-day, while keeping your existing team, names, brands, and relationships intact.

If you are interested in selling your business, we can schedule a time to discuss and see if this is the right succession plan for you.

Tola Famakinwa, MBA, P.Eng
Founder & Principal
Jodabit Partners

about us

Private Fund Set Up

An efficient, focused, and experienced fund set up to acquire one business.

  • Experienced investors and operators as partners in the fund
  • Domain knowledge in relevant sectors
  • Proven track records
  • Long-term focus with no predetermined investment horizon
  • Efficient transaction process
  • Flexible deal terms to streamline your exit
  • A private fund set up to make a single acquisition
  • I will personally operate your business as CEO
  • I will devote 100% of my effort to your business

More on our fund structure

Process & Timing

We conduct an efficient process and reach a timely agreement.

step 1
Introductory Call
Introduce ourselves, understand your goals, and see if there is a fit.
step 2
Sign a non-disclosure agreement.
step 3
Pre-LOI Review
Exchange financials/other information, and visit the operation.
step 4
Prepare an offer and sign off on key terms.
step 5
Due Diligence
Confirmatory review of represented information (accounting, operations, legal, etc)
step 6
Transfer funds and exchange shares.
step 7
I join the business, and learn it from you over a pre-agreed transition period.
step 8
We invest in continuing to grow the business for the long term.

Approximate Timing

Intro call to LOI: 14 Days
LOI to closing: 90-120 Days