We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and will work hard to take care of and grow your company.

Tola Nathan Famakinwa

Managing Director
Tola is an alumni of the MBA program at IE Business School in Madrid, and the Mechanical Engineering program at Carleton University in Ottawa. He is a non-practicing APEGA Professional Engineer.

Tola is an investment professional, having led  M&A endeavors of up to $65mm enterprise value at Canerector - a leading acquirer of manufacturing and industrial service business in the U.S & Canada, and Camber Peak - a private fund setup to acquire service businesses.

Tola is also an operations professional, having worked 10+ years planning and executing infrastructure projects across Canada and the United States. He has managed up to 80+ staff and trades workers, with P&L responsibilities in excess of $30mm for multinational corporations like Kiewit and Ellisdon.

Tola comes from an entrepreneurial family. His childhood and early professional years were spent working in several small family businesses including livestock & cash crop farms, transportation businesses, food & hospitality businesses, fertilizer plants, and oil & gas drilling businesses. All Tola's experiences and interactions with entrepreneurs have shown him the personal growth that can be reaped from getting one’s hands dirty, as well as the benefits and fulfillment that comes from building on one's legacy.


Whether we only have a single meeting, or we go forward and I acquire your company, you can be assured I will always stay true to my values:
I treat everything you share
with the utmost confidence.
I am committed to the highest
standards of honesty.
I will always be dependable
and reasonable.
I will work hard to take care of,
and grow your company.
I am transparent; there are
no hidden agendas.
I appreciate what you have built
and will respect your time.
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Jodabit Partners' Investors

Jodabit Partners is supported by a group of advisors, investors, and entrepreneurs who have successfully operated and built value in businesses themselves. They have placed confidence in Tola's ability to successfully acquire and operate a great business.

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